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Maine Lions District 41 Incoming Officer Training

The District is offering a virtual Club Officer training this year, via WebEx video. Many of you are currently participating in video conferencing for business and for pleasure, to keep up with your family and friends and services of faith.

ALL Incoming Officers are encouraged to attend...... even if you have held the office "forever". Things change, new ideas come forth, we also need your knowledge and experience to share with those coming in for the first time.

Our goal is to have every club officer have access to updated information, a good foundation, and prepared for the duties of the year ahead. All members who are available are invited to attend, audit a training, join in the fellowship.

Training presentations are scheduled for 7:00p.m. - 8:30p.m., Tuesday, Thursday evenings. The first 20-30 minutes of each session will be to review presentation materials, remaining time allotted for attendee and presenter interaction and sharing of current information. Each session will be recorded, then posted on the website for future review.

An email will be sent out via Constant Contact two days before each session with directions on how to join the WebEx session. Lions may attend as many of the training sessions as desired.

Tuesday, May 12th Incoming President' s Session Presented by: Neil Iverson, IPDG

Thursday, May 14th Incoming Secretary's Session Presented by: Michelle Crocker, PDG

Tuesday, May 19th Incoming Membership Session Presented by: Paula Beach, PDG

Thursday, May 2111 Incoming Treasurer's Session Presented by: Norm Hart, PDG

Tuesday, May 26th MYLION session Presented by: Michelle Crocker, PDG

ALL officers are encouraged to attend the session on MYLION !! many updates are making this program much easier to use, and you will want to know how to use to make service and activity reporting, quick and easy.

If you want a "practice" how to attend a WebEx meeting, we can schedule a "practice session" and run through the basics of video meetings, together.

Looking forward to "seeing" you on WebEx in the coming weeks!!

Lion Sally, GLT

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