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Maine Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation

Sight Services & Hearing Aid Assistance

District Eyeglass and Hearing Assistance Policy

The District Eyeglass and Hearing Program is administered by the Maine Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation.  It is to be used solely in support of requests for Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids outside the area normally served by a Lions Club. The area served is not meant to be confined just to the community where the Lions Club is located. If the Club is financially able, they should help the person requesting assistance even if they are from an adjacent community. For more information or assistance, clubs can contact the Sight Services & Hearing Aid Assistance Coordinator.

Questions? Contact the district Eyeglass & Hearing Aid committee: 



Application only to be used when applying to MLSHF Eyeglass and Hearing Aid Program. 

Please Mail / Email Application:

Maine Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation 

PO Box 525

Sebago, ME  04029

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