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NOTE: Before the meeting starts, the installing officer (probably the immediate past president of the club) should appoint an assistant. This assistant should become familiar with the diagram on page 5 and see to it that the incoming officers take their correct places in front of the dais.

Installing Officer:

‘‘It is my honor today to install the officers of this club for the coming fiscal year. Lion Secretary, have the officers to be installed been properly elected to their respective offices? (The secretary attests the election.) It is not my intention to instruct them in detail in their various duties. Their names will be filed in the office of Lions Clubs International, from which they will receive information and suggestions for carrying out their various duties. I know they can be depended upon to read and study this informative material carefully, and to execute their duties faithfully.”

‘‘I shall, however, call each officer to the dais, and briefly outline (his/her) duties in the club, so that all members may know what to expect.’

(The Lion Tamer is called and takes a place in front of the dais a little to the right of the speaker undefined see diagram.)

Installing Officer:

"Lion _____, you have been elected to serve as Lion Tamer. As such you will be in charge of and responsible for the club’s property. You will see to it that the flags, gong, gavel and badge boards are properly placed, that the standard organization chart is displayed conspicuously at every meeting; and that all materials are properly distributed. You are to assist the past presidents as the official greeters, always welcome and introduce all guests and see that places are provided for all. Will you perform these duties to the best of your ability?’’

Lion Tamer: 

‘‘I will.’’

(The Tail Twister is called and takes a place next to the Lion Tamer undefined see diagram.)

Installing Officer:​

‘‘Lion _____, you have been elected to serve as Tail Twister. As such you shall maintain harmony, and encourage good feelings, life and enthusiasm in the meetings. You shall impose and collect the fines at the meetings (and shall use your best judgment when doing so). Much of the success of the meetings will depend upon your resourcefulness in promoting fellowship, fun and laughter, making the members forget, for a time at least, their business and any worries they may have. Thus you will break down any reserve which might exist, and draw the members together in closer friendship. Will you perform these duties to the best of your ability?’’

Tail Twister:

‘‘I will.’’

(Four directors are then called and take their places to the left of the speaker undefined see diagram.)

Installing Officer:

‘‘Lions to serve as directors. Lions _____ and _____ and _____, you still have one year you have been elected to serve as directors on the board two years. With the other officers, you form what is termed the board of directors of the club. Your position is important because you will assist in formulating and executing the policies of the club. All new business is considered and shaped by this board of directors.

‘‘You will faithfully attend the regular and special meetings of the board, and give unselfishly of your time and effort to advance your club and Lions Clubs International. Will you perform these duties to the best of your abilities?”


‘‘I will.’’

(The Membership Director is called and takes place to the right of the speaker and in front of the Lion Tamer undefined see diagram.)

Installing Officer:

‘‘Lion _____, you have been elected to serve as the club’s Membership Director. You will lead the Membership Committee, and help them to develop and implement a growth program as approved by the club’s board of directors. You will regularly report to the club and encourage and assist members in bringing qualified members into the club, always using proper recruitment methods. In addition, you will work with the club’s leadership in insuring that membership losses are kept at a minimum. You will also serve as a member of the zone level membership committee and cooperate generally with programs at the district level. Will you perform these duties to the best of your ability?’’

Membership Director:

‘I will.’’

(Vice-presidents are called next and take their places between the directors and the Tail Twister undefined see diagram.)

Installing Officer:

‘‘Lions _____, _____, and _____(third vice-president, second vice-president and first vice-president), you have been elected to serve as vice presidents. What I have just said about the duties of the directors also applies to you. In addition, you, in order of your office and presence, will substitute for the president when absent from any club or board of directors meeting.

"Your position is more than an honorary one. In a Lions club, the vice-presidents shall, under direction of the president, oversee the functioning of such committees as the president may designate.

‘‘Will you, as vice-presidents, perform your duties to the best of your abilities?’’


‘‘I will.’’

(Treasurer is then called and takes a place just in front of the third vice-president undefined see diagram.)

Installing Officer:

"Lion _____, you have been elected to serve as treasurer. As such you will be custodian of all club funds. Naturally you will deposit all monies received in such bank or banks as are designated by the board of directors. You will assist the finance committee in preparing a budget and such financial statements as may be necessary. You will disburse funds only upon direction of the board of directors. You will give bond for the faithful performance of your duties; this is for your own protection and in keeping with recognized and accepted business procedure. Will you, as treasurer, perform your duties to the best of your ability?"


‘‘I will.’’

(Secretary is then called and takes a place beside the treasurer, in front of the first vice-president undefined see diagram.)

Installing Officer:

‘‘Lion  _____, you have been elected to serve your club as secretary. Yours is one of the most important offices in the club. The success of your club will be determined largely by the efficiency with which you perform the duties of your office. You are the president’s right hand. Under the president’s direction and that of the board of directors, you are the liaison officer between your club and Lions Clubs International and between your club and your district governor’s organization. You will receive many communications from both. Through you, in the post of corresponding officer, it will be your duty to see that all communications are properly referred to your board of directors or your club as circumstances require or justify.

‘‘Among your duties as provided in the Lions Clubs International Constitution and By-laws, you shall submit regular Monthly Membership Reports to Lions Clubs International, with copies to our district governor and vice district governor. You shall keep the general club records, including minutes of club and board meetings, committee appointments, officers’ list, attendance records, list of key members and list of members showing their classifications, addresses and telephone numbers. You shall collect from the members, and others, all monies due the club, turning such funds over to the treasurer, taking proper receipt.

‘‘You shall furnish a financial statement to the board of directors monthly, to the club quarterly, and to Lions Clubs International semi-annually. As part of your monthly report to the board, you shall include the names of all members who are in arrears in payment of dues and those who have absented themselves beyond the attendance requirement provided in the Constitution and By-laws.

‘‘You are also an active member of the district governor’s advisory committee

and as such you will attend the quarterly advisory committee meetings of your zone. You will receive pertinent information from Lions Clubs International intended to aid you in properly performing the duties of your office. Will you, as secretary, perform such duties to the best of your ability?’’


‘‘I will.’’

(The president is then called and takes a place between the secretary and the treasurer, two or three steps in front of them undefined see diagram.)

Installing Officer:

‘‘Lion _____, having been elected to the office of president of your club, you are its chief executive officer and will be expected to preside at all meetings of your club, and regular and special meetings of your board of directors.

‘‘It is your duty to appoint the administrative and activities committees, in accordance with the Lions International Club Standard Organization Plan, and to act as an ex-officio member of each of these committees. With your vice-presidents, you shall see to it that these committees function.

‘‘You are also, with the club secretary, an active member of the district governor’s advisory committee and as such you will attend the quarterly advisory committee meetings of your zone.

‘‘Keep in mind that at the end of your term of office you will be called to give an account of your stewardship. Your record of achievement will then be history. This record in years to come will be compared with the records of other presidents. Your club members will best decide your success. Now is the time to plan, and take steps to continue to build your club in every way possible so that it may be an example to other clubs, and a credit to the community, the district and to Lions Clubs International. Will you, as president, perform your duties to the best of your ability?’’


‘‘I will.’’

(Officers should now appear lined up in the following order. See below.)

                                                                           1st V.P.      2nd V.P.      3rd V.P.

                                                                     DIR.                                            TAIL TWISTER

                                                               DIR.              SECY.           TREAS.               LION TAMER

                                                        DIR.                                                                             MEM. DIR.

                                             DIR.                                  PRESIDENT

                                                                                SPEAKERS’ TABLE


                                                                                  Installing Officer

(Addresses members of the board of directors.)

Installing Officer:

‘‘The policies and the achievements of this Lions club will depend largely upon the actions of the board of directors of which you are members.

‘‘You shall authorize all expenditures. So may I, at this time, caution you not to create any indebtedness beyond the income of the club, nor disburse funds for purposes that are non-essential to the objects of the club.

‘‘On your honor as Lions, do you individually and collectively promise to stand by this club, live with it and work with it throughout the coming year; to take such time as may be necessary to perform your official duties properly?’’


‘‘ I do.’’

(Requests club membership to rise. Addresses club members.)

Installing Officer:

"Lions, I want to call to your attention the fact that these Lions who have been entrusted by you with the club responsibilities for the coming year, have signified their intention to exert their very best personal efforts to make your Lions club the kind of organization it should be.

‘‘It must be remembered that the only way in which these new officers can successfully carry on is for them to receive the fullest support of every individual member. As an individual, when requested by your president to serve on a committee, to perform some duty in Lions or to support your club in any way in which it will need your support, will you bear in mind that you members collectively elected these officers, and accordingly, will you pledge to support them actively at all times?’’

Club members:

‘‘I do.’’

Installing Officer:

‘‘It is now my great pleasure to declare these Lions duly installed into the respective offices to which they have been elected.

(Addresses president, presenting the gavel of the club)

‘‘To you, Lion President, I hand this gavel, as a token of your club’s esteem, love and confidence in you, and as your symbol of authority. On behalf of the membership of your club, I want to assure you to their readiness to follow your leadership during your term of office.

"And now Lion _____, it is my personal pleasure to congratulate you upon the honor your club has conferred in electing you as its chief executive, and to extend my very best wishes to you and this splendid club, for a most successful year under your leadership.’’



LE-1 2M 11-97 

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