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This committee shall be composed of a chairman and two or more members form the membership of the association. The purpose of the Curtis D. Lovill Fellowship is to honor lions and non-lions who have made a special contribution to sight and hearing impaired. The cost will be a donation of $500.00 and will go to Maine Lions Sight & Hearing Association, Inc. for the betterment of sight and hearing. The donation may be made by an individual and/or a club. The recipient shall receive a framed certificate and a pin presented by Maine Lions Sight and Hearing Association, Inc. for dedicated and services to sight and hearing impaired.


This recognition, presented through the Maine Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation, was named for PIP Curtis D. Lovill, a Charter Member of the Gardiner Lions Club, and was the brain-child of PDG Mark Potter of the Damariscotta-Newcastle Lions Club.  Working with PID Lew Small and others, this honor went from idea to implementation in just over 18 months.  The first Curtis D. Lovill Fellowship was presented at the 2nd Cabinet Meeting held at Camp Sunshine in January of 2011; to then District Governor Duke Goranites.

The purpose behind the MLS&HF’s creation of the Curtis D. Lovill Fellowship is to honor both lions and non-Lions alike that have made a special contribution to the welfare of the sight & hearing impaired.  At this writing we have five Lions who have been so recognized.  In addition to PDG Duke, the others who have received the Fellowship are PDG Ann McFarland, Lion Charlene Goranities, PID Lewis Small, Sr. and PDG Paula Beach.

Lion Curtis D. Lovill was, to date, the only Maine Lion to have served as the international President of our amazing organization.  PIP Lovill served as our District Governor from 1944 to 1946; later as international Director representing New England from 1950 to 1952 and then as the Lions International President for the 1962-1963 Lions year.

He received a number of awards.  Included were the Extension Award, the Senior Master Key and the Ambassador of Goodwill Award.

He also served as the President of the Lions-sponsored Maine Sight Conservation Association, Inc.; now Maine Lions Sight & Hearing Association.

The $500 donation that is made in honor of the recipient allows Maine Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation to continue its work of providing financial assistance to individuals within the State of Maine who require such assistance for Vision and Hearing problems.  As a show of gratitude, the recipient receives a Certificate and a specially designed pin.

If you or your Club would like more information about the Maine Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation or would like to request a speaker for your meeting, please contact PDG Harvey Buzzell.

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